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Finding a job in the pharmaceutical sector?
It is not easy and neither is joining a pharmaceutical company.

But what if the real problem was training?

Whatever your needs, we have designed our courses to meet the needs of individuals as well as companies who want to invest in their employees.

In what we do we put not only our passion but also our experience in the field to give you practical and concrete training.

Our lecturers work with the largest pharmaceutical companies and experience the sector on a daily basis. They know its internal dynamics, trends, problems and opportunities.

By choosing our courses, you will be able to put your acquired skills to use immediately.

Questions and curiosities? All answers in our FAQ

Sure, this is a question we are often asked and we are happy to clarify what the QA Specialist does. The Quality Assurance Specialist, within a pharmaceutical company, is responsible for controlling the company’s processes. That is, he/she ensures that the final product is designed and developed according to the GMP Guidelines  by continuously monitoring and controlling the quality of the production process. The profession of QA specialist is one of the outlets for pharmacy graduates. Want to know more? Find out what does a QA specialist.

We will issue a certificate of attendance in both Italian and English. Rather than focusing on qualifications, we want to give you practical training that is immediately usable in the world of work by focusing on skills. We know that many people today offer Quality Assurance Specialist or GMP courses, but what we want to share with you is a theoretical and at the same time concrete approach that will allow you to grow. That is why we use quizzes at the end of the modules, questions and answers, live simulations, etc…

Yes, you will have at your disposal all the slides of each course you are attending.

Of course, we have also designed them for you who work and have little time. Our courses are on-demand: you choose when you want to attend. There will be no timetables to remember or appointments you have to rush to in order to get everything done. You choose the time and attention you devote to your training. Discover all our on demand trainings.

Simply log in to the platform with your username and password where, depending on the course you have chosen, you will find all the lessons of the course.

Doubts are fundamental and a sign of curiosity 🙂 And we at Quality Assurance welcome and listen to them with great pleasure. That’s why, if you want, you can integrate the OnDemand course in GMP & Quality Assurance Overview with the “Live meetings pack”.
What does this mean? That you can interact with the course leader to ask her anything you can think of. The package also includes a meeting with the career coach, who will support you in making the best possible career choices.

As for the placement of those who attend our courses, we can tell you that the practical approach we focus on and the experience of our lecturers, including Karyn Santoro, who works in the sector, will help you to present yourself at your best in the industry. This is, in our opinion, an excellent business card that has worked for many of our students, as you can read in this collection of success stories. We also help you with CV writing, how to set up your cover letter and submit your application.

A lot of things: writing your CV and presenting yourself in the best possible way, but not only that. Our career coach Carmelo Galeano will help you define your career objectives, plan a path to achieve them, understand your strengths and much more. Find out more in the Live meetings pack.

We have not provided for an internship at the end of our courses because by participating in the master’s course you will in fact be alongside professionals in the sector who will share all their knowledge with you. Something we could hardly promise you with an internship.
At the end of the master’s course, you will be able to take your first steps in the pharmaceutical industry and you will also be able to aspire to contracts that go beyond an internship.

Certainly, but if you have this in mind from the outset, we recommend our master online in GMP & Quality Assurance which is a comprehensive one-to-one course lasting one month.

You must have a degree in Pharmacy, Chmical and Pharmaceutical Technology, Biology or equivalent subjects.

Yes, you can pay for the course in instalments. At Quality Assurance we want the people who attend our courses to get the most out of their training experience. That’s why we will work with you to define the payment method. Contact us immediately to ask us for all the necessary

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